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During the course of the year, we offer many opportunities for education and skills improvement. You will find brief updates and descriptions below or links to programs.  When dates are established for any of these programs, you will find them in the events section of our website and in announcements.                                   
Hunter Safety

This is a six-hour training class required by law for all first-time hunters and trappers before they can buy a license. You must pass a certification exam at the end of the class to complete this training.

Important: In order to prepare for your class, read Chapters 1, 4, 5 and 9 located at Today's Hunter & Trapper in PA.

2014 Hunting & Trapper Education Classes at Littlestown Fish & Game is:

April 27 & Sept 28.

To Register click the link below:


Women on Target

No clinics scheduled at this time.

Conceal Carry: September 13, 2014 9AM-1PM.

Conceal Carry USA is coming to Littlestown Fish and Game Association this September to offer you a chance to obtain your Utah Permit.

"By offering requisite classroom qualification, taught by instructors certified through both the

 NRA, and the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification, Concealed Carry USA provides individuals the opportunity to obtain concealed firearms permits honored in 35 - 39 states. This is accomplished via non-resident Utah, Arizona, and Florida permits."

To find out more and enroll in the class go to Conceal Carry USA. Class size will be limited. Class will be offered at our club on:

Adams County Sheriff's Office


September 6 - 7

Course Topics:

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with local firearms ranges and sporting clubs is presenting a 16 hour CCW course to be conducted over two days of 8 hours of instruction each. The course is open for those individuals who have applied for a license to carry (CCW permit), to those who already possess a permit or who are renewing an expired permit and those who are interested in obtaining their PA LTC-CCW Permit.  The cost of the course is $65.00.

The course will be approximately 50% classroom and 50% range through a combination of instructor lecture and hands on training.

Attendees will be required to bring a handgun in good working order and suitable for concealed carry along with two boxes of ammunition for that weapon (100 rounds). Attendees should also bring a writing instrument for taking notes.

Classroom Part 1:

·       Firearm Safety.

·       Firearm Terminology.

·       Different Types of Firearms.

·       Ammunition calibers, types and selection.

·       Choosing the right firearm for you.

·       The truth about stopping power and terminal ballistics.

·       Concealed carry holsters and options, drawing from concealed carry.

·       Proper loading and shooting techniques.

·       Acquiring Proper Shooting Techniques (Sight alignment, sight picture, trigger press, grip, stance, presentation, etc.).

·       Mastering trigger control.

·       Mastering recoil.

·       Care, Maintenance and Safe Storage of Firearms and Ammunition.

Classroom Part 2 Topics:

·       Need for liability insurance/access to legal council before hand.

·       Color Code of Mental and Situational Awareness.

·       Action v. Reaction; The OODA Loop.

·       Use of Deadly Force and the Law.

·       Civil Liability; Restraints on lethal force (duty to retreat and the PA Castle Doctrine).

·       Pre-fight and post-fight issues,

·       Close-quarters shooting

·       Decision triangle/disparity of force legal concepts 

·       Criminal liability (assault, homicide, etc.).

·       Consequences of misusing your LTC-CCW permit.

·       Utilizing your firearm under stress conditions.

·       Post shooting legal implications, civil and/or criminal.

·       Mental and physical conditioning and personal awareness.

·       What to do if you are involved in a shooting - post shooting trauma/PTS, your mind set, the legal/moral implications, how to deal with 911 and the police response and the follow up investigation.

Range drills will include:

·       Loading/unloading (revolver/semi-automatics)

·       Proper grip.

·       Proper combat/shooting stance,

·       Acquiring the proper sight picture and sight alignment.

·       Flash picture and point shooting techniques.

·       Proper trigger control.

·       Presentation from the ready, holster and re-holstering methods.

·       Target engagement from arms length to 25 yards under timed conditions.

·       Target Discrimination Drills (Cognitive, Hand Eye Motor Skills)

·       Getting Off the X: Shooting and moving; Moving and Shooting; Shooting while moving.

·       Malfunction clearance techniques

·       Tactical target engagement (Scanning, Cover, Concealment).

·       Basic firearms security methods.

·       Note: Those who successfully complete all phases of the training will receive a certificate of training.

This is a two (2) day course. 

Contact John J. Davis for course registration. 

 John J. Davis at 717 778-2075



Basic Pistol, Shotgun, and Rifle

We are pleased to announce that we are engaging Rockwell Tactical, a PA based training organization that will deliver (fee based) training at various times in 2014. From Feb-April, they will be instructing 3 "Mindset Seminars" lasting 3 hours each. From April-August there will be at total of 7 hands-on courses in defensive pistol & rifle training. September-November they'll return for more 3 hour indoor seminars. For more information about Rockwell check out their flyers:

Flyer 1_4_19_2014.pdf

Flyer 2_4_19_2014.pdf

Pistol 151: July 16                                                Topics Covered:

  • Different types of malfunctions
  • Working through malfunctions
  • Holsters
  • Single hand draw
  • Single hand load and unload
  • Single hand malfunctions
  • Single hand shooting
  • Pistol modifications

Carbine 102: August 14                                         Topics Covered:

  • The 8 fundamentals of shooting
  • Zero
  • Natural point of aim
  • Slings
  • Malfunctions
  • Foundation drills

Conceal Carry Seminar: September 17

     Topics Covered:

  • State-Specific Legalities of Concealed Carry
  • Misconceptions
  • Ways to Carry
  • Holsters
  • Clothing
  • Misc Equipment and Gear
  • Carry Options for Women
  • Draw

This seminar is meant to be an open discussion about concealed carry and firearms in general. If you're at all nervous about carrying a firearm then this seminar is for you.

This is a classroom only seminar: 6:30PM -9:30PM

Club Members are eligible for a $10 discount. Discount code is listed in the members only section of our website. Course registration is through

Basic Home Defense Seminar: October 17

Course Description:

A home invasion is one of the most terrifying and dangerous events one can experience.  There is no way to know what the intent of those forcing themselves into your home may be. This class is designed to empower you to use your house to your advantage.  There are times you will want to stay in a safe room, and times you will need to move to get to loved ones. We will teach you how to properly search and clear your home and how to work with a partner, such as a husband and wife.   We will discuss when and why you should use speed and when you should be slow and methodical.  Proper use of flashlights and lasers will also be presented.  With the increase of home invasions, you need to be ready.

This is a classroom only seminar: 6:30PM -9:30PM

Club Members are eligible for a $10 discount. Discount code is listed in the members only section of our website. Course registration is through

Basic Home Preparation Seminar: November 21

Course Description:
Because of the increase in violence and home invasions, you need to be prepared at all times for any situation. This class was designed to help you prepare your home so that you're ready for action. We will start outside and work in. We will discuss how the appearance of your home can invite or deter a break-in. We will then review things you can do to harden the outside of your home including your doors and windows. The interior layout will then be considered. Topics such as video cameras, security systems, safe rooms, and emergency plans will also be discussed.

This is a classroom only seminar: 6:30PM -9:30PM

Club Members are eligible for a $10 discount. Discount code is listed in the members only section of our website. Course registration is through

For course registration & payment, click the link:

Current members of Littlestown Fish & Game Association are eligible for a $10 discount on all 3 hour seminars. Members must log-in to the website to find the discount code. 



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